Doing SEO for Mongolian Keywords is SO EASY. You’ll laugh when you see this!

I have a website which is mainly used for testing purposes and I have a bunch of Mongolian keywords on different pages / post.

The funny thing is I am getting thousands of clicks to the website every month, and the information on there is pure spam and junk!

Take a look at the example above for “ломботой шүд өвдөх”. My website ranks #1 on Google, but if you click on the website, the stuff on there makes NO SENSE! I just copied some text from a website and used Google translate then pasted it on my website.

So How Am I Ranking So Easily?

It’s because there is little to no competition for most Mongolian keywords. Most people in Mongolia still don’t know how to do SEO on websites and are not able to find keywords that will bring in revenue for their business.

Basically all this traffic and money is waiting for business owners to rake in, if they put some importance on SEO for their business websites.

Unfortunately, most Mongolian businesses don’t even have a website and still are relying only on Facebook advertising to do their digital marketing. However, with SEO they could spend $0 on advertising and still bring in a lot of revenue for their business…

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What This Means For Mongolian Business Owners

Stop being lazy and build a website and focus on your SEO efforts. Even the elementary basics of SEO on your website could generate so much revenue and thousands of traffic to your business.

A few of my friends tell me even to this day about their website, which I built for free many years ago, still bringing them revenue and sales.

Watch a few videos on Youtube and learn the basics of SEO. Then start implementing those basic lessons on your website. Sooner or later you will be ranking for highly searched keywords, because as I said there is little to no competition in Mongolia.