Qualities Good Digital Marketers Have

Not sure whether digital marketing is a career that is right for you? Here is a rough list of the most common traits good digital marketers have, based on my years teaching and consulting people / businesses.

Independent Learners

There is no step by step process for most of digital marketing. It’s about adapting to changes and defining what your target audience wants.

Good digital marketers are always expanding their knowledge and keeping up with market trends. What worked a year ago might not work now, so you always have to exchange ideas, notes, and test different solutions to a problem.

Curious and Eager

This is not just for digital marketing, but if you want to be good at something you ABSOLUTELY need to be curious and eager to improve yourself within your specific career field.

My best students who had the most results were always asking well-thought questions and hungry to learn more or do more.

Combination of Creative and Analytical Mind

A creative mind helps with creating catchy headlines or titles for blog posts, advertisements, and website design. However, an analytical mind helps with reading the numbers and understanding what works and what doesn’t.

It all comes down to testing and comparing what works best for a particular audience, while at the same time understanding what they want and how to deliver it to them.

Consistent Confidence

There will be plenty of times when you will be doubtful of your abilities, whether you are doing the right thing because it takes a long time to understand what is working and what is not working.

However, good digital marketers remains calm and stays consistent with their efforts.

It took me almost 2 years to understand that consistency and confidence in your work matters the most.

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Are You Ready To Become a Good or an Excellent Digital Marketer?

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